Friday, November 15, 2013

Surprise, surprise...

A totally unexpected surprise will make a grand appearance in July 2014.

Baby #7 is on it's way.

Donika Bailey

Yes, we thought we were done.  We were certain we were done.  Our house is maxed out... breaking apart at the seams... currently all living in 3 bedrooms.  Two sets of bunk beds in the girl's room makes for very crowded living spaces for growing girls who are entering stages where they want their own space.  I got rid of all of my maternity and baby clothes and many baby items.  We were ready to be out of the baby stage... past diapers and cribs and strollers and naps.  Not to mention the actual birthing and nursing and sleepless nights.

Emersyn Caley

  Our plans were not His plans, and we know His plans are much greater than anything we could ever dream up, so we're humbly accepting this plan as an amazing gift wrapped up in his beautiful love and His perfect peace and grace for each moment.

Eden Gracie

We know the criticism will come... judging us to be irresponsible and crazy.  The years have been hard but this past year has been particularly rough on our marriage.  There were very real moments when we didn't think we'd make it out of the storms still being husband and wife.  God (and let's be honest here people... meds too) have evened things out and we feel that this is a beautiful start to a wonderful completion.  #7... the number of perfection and completion.

Jack Rex

I have no idea why, and hurt so deeply for my sister, who has to stand by watching her twin sister deliver baby after baby while she struggles with infertility.  It hurts both sides so much.  I don't understand... I question His ways.  My sister was one of the first things I thought of when that little "+" sign showed up on the pregnancy test and I could only cry.  Please, Jesus... give my sister a "+"!!!

Brighton Cait

We have no idea how another baby is going to work.  Yes... we'll be overwhelmed and stressed.   But the good days will far outweigh the bad and this place of total dependency on God that we're currently experiencing is both uncomfortable and beautiful... terrifying and filled with security.  

Silas Wyatt

Feeling extremely humbled to know God has entrusted us with 7... longing, more than anything, to raise these little ones to know Jesus so we can all spend eternity together.  Thank you, Jesus, for this perfect gift.

Having another baby... for His glory.

Psalm 33:20-22

We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love be with us, Lord,
even as we put our hope in you.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Today was a last-minute applesauce-making day!
I texted my mom this morning to see if she'd like to come over to help.
We didn't make it last year, so I was super excited to make it this year.
This contraption is the best thing ever!
(Once you figure out how to put it together!) :)

I bought the last couple of buckets of Cortland apples at Glenwood...

We washed and sliced them...

I had to suck it up a bit at the thought of having so many cooks in the kitchen.
Extra chairs "in my way" make the process a little more challenging, but I need to remind myself that not only are we "just" making applesauce, we're teaching the kids how to do it in the process.
"My" way would have looked a little different... but that's okay. :)

Next came boiling the apples... until they're soft.

Then you put the apples into the sauce maker... turn the handle, and out comes the most beautiful applesauce known to man!
Pink... like a princess. :)

We may have had a bunch more applesauce at the end if Grandmommy didn't keep cutting up apples for the kids. :) :)

Guys!  Stop eating all of the apples!
What?  Grandmommy gave them to us!


As my Grandma said, she just likes feeding people, anything...
We're happy when we're eating! :)

 Where there is food, there is Silas.
(The kid honestly eats up to 8 apples a day.  I know that to be true because not only do I see him taking them, I get to change that awesome, too-many-apples proof diaper.)

Lots of helpers...

The sauce maker spits out the seeds, peel and other parts of the apple that you don't want in your apple sauce...  seriously genious.

Our first batch of applesauce... pretty, pretty applesauce!

2 buckets of apples filled up 6 containers of applesauce.
That may last this family 6 days.
We're gonna need to get more apples.  :)

My mom took us out to Burger King for lunch after everything was finished and washed up.
(Thanks, Mom!)
We took the scenic route... on of my favorite roads by our house.

Beauty.  Everywhere I look.
From God's creations to my amazing and adorable kids and husband.
I'm blessed by all of this beauty!
Blessed by His beauty.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just A Mailbox Away

My kids are the greatest.
Seriously, I have the best kids in the whole wide world.
They are constantly challenging me.
They simplify the things that I make difficult.

Today they showed me that being a blessing is just a mailbox away.
They drew pictures, wrote notes and stuffed a cup full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a water bottle into the mailbox for our mailman.
Thankfully our mailman delivers our mail in his Jeep so he won't have to hull these things around for blocks and blocks. :)
They prayed over the treats... super sweet kid prayers.
One asked the Holy Spirit to show the mailman Jesus' love today.
Another asked him to come to know Jesus if he doesn't already.
One prayed asking Jesus to give him a really, really good day today.


We might not get out that often.
We might be busy in this house and preoccupied with ourselves at times.(Okay, a lot of times.)
But at least my kids have their heads on straight... which is wanting me to get mine on straighter too. :)
So thankful for the blessing of my children!